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Portugal is somewhere you can travel around by yourself You’ll still have to worry about thieves, maybe even more because you’re an easier target. A lot of these will help stay sane and avoid the dreaded travelling blues as well.

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Petty theft is pretty much a problem almost everywhere in the world and it can really put a dampener on your travels.

Unfortunately, Portugal, in particular, seems to have a real problem with petty theft.

Not only for stuff like sunstroke, but forest fires in the summer are a real threat.

All that being said, we’d say Portugal is absolutely safe on the whole. At the moment there’s nothing stopping you from visiting Portugal.

It even LOOKS like a regular belt, so it doesn’t get in the way.

You might be as vigilant as can be, but a pickpocket might still try to work you over.

We’re going to be sharing a ton of ways to stay safe in Portugal.

We’ll talk about the safety of the roads in Portugal (and if you should be driving on them), how safe it is for female travellers, and just about everything else in between. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t come without the usual annoyances you find in tourist areas.

So basically, it pays to NOT be unsuspecting and you have to be vigilant in busy areas.


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