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Apparently it is a very negative thing to be sexually liberal, but it is also a very negative thing to be sexually repressed.People seem stuck in limbo and have no idea how they can act upon their sexual desires without being judged. Everyone knows everyone, and if you haven't slept with someone, your friend or friend's friend or cousin or sister's boyfriend's sister has.For online dating, have you tried paid services like e Harmony? Thought about e Harmony as well, but there's this feeling in the back of my head where I'll end up just seeing the same people I'm seeing everywhere online and out the money.

I play on a rec league once a week, but my team is a group of close friends that all have SOs.

When we play our games, everyone shows up 5-10 mins before the game then everyone leaves pretty much immediately afterwards.

I looked at last year but never pulled the trigger and joined any groups - will take another look to see if there are any groups that interest me.

Don't know if I have time to volunteer as well since I work full time and go to school part time (online, not classroom, otherwise meeting people would be easier). For the rec league, are they your friends or did you just happen to be matched with a team of buddies?

At work I'm the youngest person in my office - most coworkers are in their 40's (or older), married, with kids, etc.

And our company doesn't hold social events inside or outside of work.I'm on the big ones (Tinder, POF, OKC, Bumble, etc).I've also tried the Stubborn Goat's speed dating last year before Valentines (Not aware of any on going speed dating companies that run them throughout the year).Go live your life and let shit happen, which does not mean joining dating sites, meet up etc, its means not focusing results of things that you have no control over. I found my fiance after a LOT of bullshit guys on pof. I saw a profile of a man younger than I am who looks like a realtor from 1986. Let your friends know you're actively looking and go on blind dates through them.I feel for you - dating and socializing as a single are hard. I've recently joined a few groups and while I am not looking for a date, there are a lot of single people.First is a popular online dating service in Nova Scotia.

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