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You are here because you’re certainly in a long distance relationship I’m sorry, but this article may not please you.

We must face the truth: the vast majority of couples in long distance relationships are statistically doomed to fail and break up.

But can we blame idealization even for breakups happening before moving in? There are millions of possible reasons to explain a LDR’s failure : Is it the distance fault? It’s up to you and your partner to bring intimacy, fun, communication, complicity, exciting and inspiring reunions, a bright future, an assumed sexuality and feelings on a daily basis.

Either before or after moving together, traditional couples and LDR couples will always have a very high failure rate. You can always be the exception to the rule, but today, it’s important to put all the chances on your side to be part of the couples who last and flourish.

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However, whether we like it or not, whether we give credit to these studies or not, the reality remains overwhelming: a majority of long distance relationships are meant to break up anyway.

This can happen after the final reunion (as described in this study), but also (and even more frequently) during the long distance relationship.Geographical distance makes us exaggerate the good sides of our partner in an unrealistic way and completely forget about the potential and real bad sides.Once together, all the problems which had been put aside return to the surface and conflict is inevitable.However, for long distance relationships, not everything should be considered the same way.A common example is idealization, which wreaks havoc in LDRs, particularly during reunions and after moving in.So we could still try to relativize these figures, saying that after all, classic relationships are not perfect either.


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