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This article also gives consideration to the possibility the date has never ridden before.

5 Tips For Riding With a Passenger’ with tip number four, ‘Riding for Two’.

Again, this will make the ride to and from the date itself a part of the growing romance. The ride is all about two wheels, not the destination As beautiful as the planned route may be and as passionate as a rider is about their motorcycle, the date is about, well, the date.

“Make your first date no longer than 45 minutes, max.

That’ll keep the investment relatively low for both of you, which is really important if one person isn’t feeling it.

Part planning and a degree of thoughtfulness should go into picking a route that will impress the passenger with not just the views but how well they can be experienced from the saddle.

This will help with not only building enthusiasm for motorcycles but also feed the flames of love.

If this phrase or thought causes a rolling of the eyes, think of preparation this way; we’re sure an immense amount of effort went into getting the date and along with hard-earned cash, more will be spent during the date so why wouldn’t a rider want to look competent on a motorcycle.

The saying is labored but true, first impressions do count and it shouldn’t be that of an uncertain and wobbling rider. A search for ‘perfect first date’ could be summed up in three words, ‘planning, planning, planning’.

Or, if one wants to be romantic, looking into their eyes.

Add to this the excellent advice of keeping the first date short, partly in the effort to leave all parties wanting more, the sooner the dates settles in at the bar or restaurant the more time to start that tale of love.

To build that much needed confidence with the passenger as well as a form of respect, riders should operate the motorcycle smoothly, safely and proficiently to prevent the passenger from being jerked around, frightened and avoid the butting of helmets.


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