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He thought that would run me off, but in fact I think I fell a little in love right then.He is British and I am a “Yank” as he calls it and our time zones are ridiculously different but in those first few weeks we managed to find time to see each other and talk. Conversation came instantly and easily to us and still does now, months later. Both of us had people in our pasts that had done us very poorly and we wanted to be sure that this time, this person would be true and steady… Still within a month, I already knew I did not want to do my second life with out him. Other times Romance is grinning like a loon, catching snowflakes on its tongue and screaming love songs from the rooftops. I do not think I can ever recall a year I wanted to see end more then 2009. I have learned that no matter how famous someone is, they are still people and are likely thrilled to talk about what they do to someone that is truly interested I have learned that even if they are often quiet, when i need them I have a few fantastic friends who are willing and able to pick me up off the floor, dust me off and help me stand again.

He always did love when we were overly sappy and silly.

We exchanged an email and he left some comments on my fliker pages after that night, but we never talked in real time again.

I have always thought he was a lovely thing to look at but during the wedding, he honestly took my breath away.

I told him he is not allowed to take that crown off for at least two weeks.

It was a bit over two months before we moved in together and the day we moved into our new home, I got down on a knee on the still empty floor and asked him to do me the honor of being my partner. The wedding itself came months later and was quite an epic event. I kept trying to convince Genie to go small, save the money and just have some intimate little exchange of vows on some lovely sim somewhere with a few friends as witness.

I honestly would have been happy with just he and I standing in the room where I proposed and exchanging vows with the moon and ocean as witness.Fanastacia Weddings helped plan things out for us and they did a wonderful job.The Setting was amazing, the ceremony breathtaking and more than one person told me that it was one of the most beautiful, heartfelt weddings they had been to.Romance weakens the strong, strengthens the weak, makes fools become wise, and makes wise men into fools. This last week I was honestly counting the days, eager for it to be over already. I have learned that SL love can be very dangerous to your heart and health.If ever there has been a time I was desperate for a new beginning, this was it. I now know that if the story sounds to good or bad to be true then it might well be just that…a story.He was having none of it, we were going to have a big old wedding and all our friends would be there and that was that.


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