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Switching hands from RJR Nabisco to Kraft Foods over the years, Grey Poupon would eventually become synonymous with wealth, largely due to the now-iconic commercials from the 1980s, in which a pair of Rolls-Royce cars find common ground over a jar of Grey Poupon.

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We’re just having a good time together.” Jeezy was previously engaged to Mahi, the mother of his daughter, Amra Nor.

Mai was married to Freddy Harteis for 10 years before filing for divorce in 2017.

DJ U-Roy invades Jamaican pop charts with three top ten songs using a style known as toasting.

The Last Poets release their self-titled debut album on Douglas Records combining jazz instrumentations with heartfelt spoken word.

Although music videos help to complete the bridge between the product and consumer, simply being mentioned by a popular rapper can stamp a product and give it cache in the realm of hip-hop, which has been the case with Grey Poupon, your favorite rapper's favorite brand of mustard.

Founded in 1866, after Frenchman Maurice Grey teamed up with Auguste Poupon to form the Grey-Poupon partnership, the company would become a staple in France before the Heublein Company bought the American rights in 1946.

Clay comes out to meet Liston And Liston starts to retreat If Liston goes back any further He'll end up in a ringside seat.

Clay swings with a left, Clay swings with a right, Look at young Cassius Carry the fight.

Kanye West alone has been involved with a half dozen projects this summer while remaining the most infamous man in music.

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