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The firm's chief product was spoons of coin silver.The company also made thimbles, combs, jewelry, and other small items.

For instance [Gorham] would not be satisfied unless it produced every year or two new patterns, nearly all of which are beautiful, and of which they will produce a complete service of all articles for table use from a salt-spoon to a soup ladle.

In 1893, a French observer was surprised by America's "remarkable fertility in the variety of its patterns for table services." Of the flatware patterns designed by F. Heller (1839–1904) for Gorham he wrote "we have no idea of the richness of ornamentation of these services, and of the amount of talent expended by him in the engraving of the dies which he has made on the other side of the Atlantic." This Queen Anne style building located at 889-891 Broadway at the corner of East 19th Street in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, New York City, within the Ladies' Mile Historic District, was designed by Edward Hale Kendall and built in 1883-1884 as the retail store of the company.

At first, the company utilized the two lower floors with the remainder rented as bachelor apartments, but after a few years Gorham expanded into the rest of the building.

The company left in 1905, and the building was converted by John H.

Gorham designed a number of elaborate trophies for sporting events, including the Borg-Warner Trophy for the Indianapolis 500, designed by Robert J. In 1886 a commentator wrote in the London Magazine of Art: If we go to one of the first London silversmiths and ask for spoons and forks, we are met at once with the smiling query. The "Lily", the "Beaded", "King's Pattern", and "Queen's Pattern." There perforce, our choice must end....

Mark the difference, in this one article, between the supine conservatism of the English manufacturers and the alertness and constant progress of the American maker.The building was designated a New York City landmark on June 19, 1984.When the company left its Ladies' Mile building, it was to move to this Italian Renaissance Revival palazzo-style building at 390 Fifth Avenue at West 36th Street in the Murray Hill neighborhood.Textron purchased the company in 1967, a move that some critics claim decreased quality due to management's lack of understanding of Gorham's specialty, producing high-quality sterling silverware and holloware.However, in 2009 Lenox Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and it was subsequently acquired by Clarion Capital Partners, now operating under the name Lenox Corporation, which has three operating divisions, Lenox, Dansk, and Gorham.It is now on display in the State Room of the Rhode Island State House. Bush family chose Gorham's Chantilly as the flatware service on Air Force One.

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