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That he was just angry and says mean things when he’s angry. There seems to be an implied position held by society that if you are single for a long time, for some reason it means you are a failure.

I obviously dodged a bullet especially if I continued to stay in something like that. I’ve been telling myself that I’m enough and his opinion has no bearing who I am my core. Im starting to get it from my family and sense it from others.

Sometimes people take rejection badly which sucks, but there isn't much you can do about that other than to make sure your dates are in public places with plenty of people around to at least minimize the physical risk to yourself. Don't be afraid to cut a date short if you aren't enjoying it, but also try to enjoy just talking to someone and whatever you chose to do for your date. Two: Once you've decided you're interested in someone, try to meet up fairly soon; strike the iron while it's hot.

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OLD has low odds of success, either in getting laid or starting a relationship, so invest as little as possible in each match.

Be nice, be responsive, be respectful, but if someone isn't responding in kind then move on.

If you are super distracted by not getting laid, then your best option is to lower your standards.

Getting laid can be really easy if you aren't as concerned about the looks of the other person.

Getting emotionally tied up in someone who isn't nice, responsive or respectful is just a way to waste your time and energy from someone who actually is./2. If you are unhappy and feel like "if only I had a BF/GF then I would finally be happy! In a way you are saying "the only way I can find happiness is if someone else gives it to me." You have to get out of that mindset and find ways to make yourself happy first.

Get your emotional needs met with friends and family.

He asked for a few days to think things over, but I was hurt by the comparison and I think after 6 dates you should know where you want to go. I was thinking about him, was happy to meet him, admired his good qualities. But maybe he is right, and I should look for the person with whom I’m feeling an immediate connection with? That I was lacking qualities as a woman to meet his expectations. He also told me that I never did anything for him and I should have cleaned his place more and stuff like that.

I had that before, all it led to me ignoring all the red flags and got heartbroken. Of course he called the next day, apologizing for everything he said and he didn’t mean any of it.

hard pass Def meet ASAP if you vibe while texting (this was said, but must be stressed) if you don’t meet up within a week or so of matching, you never will.

Be up front with what you are looking for, or ask if you have a specific purpose on the app.

I personally try and be upfront to people I'm rejecting without being mean about it.


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  8. That he was just angry and says mean things when he’s angry. There seems to be an implied position held by society that if you are single for a long time, for some reason it means you are a failure.

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