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You may get fewer responses this way, but the ones you get will be thought out and helpful.

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Customers love to know that What a powerful way to make your customers feel closer to you, perhaps even part of your company’s growth story.

There should be a B2B jail for those who squander this golden engagement opportunity.

Approaching customers for feedback the right way makes all the difference.

Sending a request for feedback with a “Feel free to let me know what you think” doesn’t inspire people to respond.

Especially because you can follow up easily, no matter the size of your business.

Hi XXXXXX, I just wanted to drop a quick note to see how you’re doing with Kayako.

This one area will determine the success of your survey.

If the subject is not catchy and doesn’t interest your customer – your survey is not going to get any responses.

What happens when the feedback you received from a customer ends up being incorporated in a product update or a policy change?

If the answer is “nothing,” then you’re leaving brownie points on the table.

Meanwhile, we’re finishing up a brand new “Getting Started Guide” that took a lot of inspiration from our chat.

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