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Generally born between 19, or 22 to 37, millennials grew up texting and sending email. They met in 2010 while working at The New Yorker; she was a 32-year-old public relations associate and he was a 24-year-old editorial assistant. But something nagged at her: When would he be ready for children? London and her husband, Patrick Michael Wickham, a music composer and part of Generation X, went on their honeymoon in the Italian island of Capri, she was snapping photos of them on her camera phone at every turn.Jared Stanisci, a 39-year-old lawyer from Manhattan, says he envies the way that his husband, Chad Newman, 34, has sought out work that feels meaningful to him. “There wasn’t as much opportunity.”So he had to get creative, he says.

Satya Doyle Byock, a psychotherapist in Portland, Ore., whose practice specializes in treating people in their 20s and 30s, notes that many of her millennial clients also aren’t willing to endure an unhappy or stagnant relationship.

And that, she said, is a good thing.“Some might view that as entitled,” Ms.

He applied for dozens of jobs in the entertainment sector, then after a “soul sucking” experience at a talent agency, decided he would rather make less money and do something he believed in.“If I’m feeling restless, I’m always up for something new,” said Mr.

Newman, who recently started taking guitar lessons just for fun.

There’s a greater acceptance of LGBTQ realities; this is great for people of all orientations,” she says.

“It’s also easier to access technical information about things like STI testing anonymously.”Speaking with Global News, some gen-Zers told us the most common way to meet someone to date is at school.Today, they have a 2-year-old son.“Millennials are approaching marriage differently than previous generations,” said Laura Heck, a licensed marriage therapist in Salt Lake City and a host of “Marriage Therapy Radio,” a podcast that counsels couples online. “They don’t think their parents got it right, so they’re saying: How can we do this better? Dorsey of the Center for Generational Kinetics said that his research has found many millennials are looking to become more established in their careers and finances before committing to a life partner. Newman, who works in the development office of the Picture House Regional Film Center, a nonprofit organization based in Pelham, N.A Gallup poll published in 2016 showed that only 27 percent of millennials were married at the time, versus 62 percent of Generation Xers. Y., says his career has been a direct reflection of the economy.“When I got out of school, there wasn’t a clear path waiting for me, like there was for Jared,” he said.Only 21.9 per cent thought their generation was having less sex than other generations, and 10.4 per cent weren’t sure.“While research shows they may be having less sex on average, I think gen Z is still interested in dating or sex — but are redefining what that means,” Matatas says.“Everything from exploring concepts like polyamory, gender and sexuality fluidity, and choice of partners.”“Sexuality and dating is still pretty much a part of teenage-hood at this point, but I think maybe one of the things that has changed in my friend group and the conversations about [sex] is how much more open it is,” she continues.“People aren’t afraid to talk about their feelings or loneliness as well.”This is the generation that has only known life with the internet, the generation that doesn’t see online dating sites or messaging people you are attracted to on Twitter or Instagram as taboo.


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