Adult dating swing - Dating an alcoholic signs

If you have such a suspicion, don’t wait around a few more months to prove it.

It’s certainly your right to mention your concern to him or ask him directly if he thinks he might have a problem, but whatever he says doesn’t mean much when your instinct — the most powerful self-protective mechanism you have — tells you there’s a problem.

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The simple truth is that a glass of wine or two helps you relax; anything more than that is unhealthy coping with issues of which you’re not yet aware. Sure, if someone orders five beers over the course of the night, you’re going to ask yourself, I hope, is he an alcoholic? Shot-taking is something that many young men and women do, but as they mature and grow into adulthood, this behavior becomes far less common.

But a good alcoholic will also know how to hide the severity of his problem so that you don’t run for the hills. The average adult who regularly takes shots of liquor when he’s out on a date or with his friends is someone who uses alcohol in an unhealthy manner.

The most important thing to remember in dating is to move on when you come across someone who doesn’t meet your needs.

Always remember that waiting or hoping that kind of behavior can change is distorted, wishful thinking.

Again, watch how he responds and take note of any defensiveness. No one wants to believe their new guy is an alcoholic, so any sense you have that he might have a drinking problem is a cause for concern.

If your instinct or gut, as some folks say, tells you that he might have a problem with alcohol, odds are that you’re right.Bottom line: The ugly truth is that alcoholism and drinking issues wreck a lot of romantic relationships.If you end up in a relationship with an alcoholic, you’re co-signing on months — even years — of frustration, anxiety, and disappointment.Picture it: You’re sitting across from your date at dinner, looking forward to all that the rest of the evening has to offer — and then he orders another drink. You cringe slightly as he starts getting a little louder and more playful.A quick word to the wise: Watch out for the inevitable date who’s an alcoholic.It is not always obvious or easy to determine if a loved one has a problem with alcohol.

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