dating service in nepal - Dating a person with cancer

So, if you have a Cancer woman in your life, you ought to know some of her most important characteristics.

You can read some more on characteristics of Cancer zodiac sign.

However, when in a relationship, she yearns for love and attention.

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It is actually quite difficult to guess what is going on in her mind.

On the other hand, she is very intuitive and can read the minds of other people very easily.

Though you may not realize this trait when you meet her for the first time, once you get to know her more closely you will definitely come to know about it. Also, once a person has hurt her, she is likely to hold a grudge against him/her forever.

Also, she has a good memory and even if you have said something without actually meaning it, she is likely to take it to heart and become touchy.

Another characteristic is that she is extremely emotional and sensitive.

Her decisions, thoughts, and actions always have an emotional basis to them.

A woman born under this sign is extremely loyal and is dedicated to her partner once she is in the relationship.


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