Dating a man who behaves like a child

They were never married and barely tried being in a long-term relationship.

Usually, it never worked out longer than a year or two.

The moment you’ll start asking actions in return, Peter and his love most possibly will vanish.2.

Having own family seems like something that limits their freedom of self-expression, something preventing them from having fun.

They heard that building a family requires work, and hard work is simply not something this type of man is looking for.

They are passionate about their hobbies, music, dancing, games, surfing, or any kind of entertainment.

They dance on the beaches, play and do everything that kids would do.

I haven’t found a research proving this point, but I’ve been noticing that Peter Pans are usually representing the Avoidant type of attachment.

You know those type of people attracted only when they can’t have it? The closer couple will get emotionally (share life) and physically (move in together) the less attraction Avoidant Peter will feel. So often Peter Pans, in a search for excitement and entertainment of playing with a new toy will be cheating or living in open relationships, trying polyamory or otherwise struggling to be with one partner.

Originally coming from Ukraine, I traveled the world and was lucky enough to be exposed to different cultures.

For the 3 past years, I’ve been living in San Francisco, California, in my opinion, the capital of Neverland.

The answer is very simple, he is not attracted to the closeness and idea of committing with one person for the whole life. Where the fear is there is no place for love and sexuality.5.


  1. The benefits from online dating are that you can build a foundation and relationship with someone whilst being in the comfort of your own home.

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