Dating a closeted

We aren't sleeping together or anything, but still we are very close.

I really know that I am falling for him, and most of the time he seems that way too. One tidbit of info that might be helpful is that he is not out and I am.

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Some even manage to push their homosexual tendencies into the subconscious mind.

Nevertheless, there comes a time when such emotions can no longer be suppressed.

Just How Many Gay Men are there in the Wider World?

It’s actually impossible to know for sure how many gay men there are in any given country, let alone the wider world, especially with so many closets still out there! Any gay man will tell you there is no more a cure for his sexual orientation than there is for being human.

It has been over two months since the ''love of my life'' and I mutually ended our romantically challenged relationship.

Yes, I loved him unconditionally and cared about him more than anyone else, but sometimes, love just isn't enough.

Quashing the Myths There is still a plethora of misconstrued myths out there about what it is to be gay.

Anyone who’s living in ignorance, denial, or both, might like to read up on the facts.

He's a paramedic and I'm a security officer for the hospital he's contracted with.


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