Consolidating school distircts

"Especially at the beginning of the school consolidation era, which would be about 1920," said Marty Strange, a professor at Green Mountain College and former policy director at the Rural School and Community Trust (RSCT), "it was about improving schools by quite literally taking the schools out of the hands of non-professional bumpkins who were on the school boards and ran them and putting professional educators in charge." By increasing school size, districts would be able to hire more professional teachers and administrators, while also offering more specialized curriculum, particularly at the high school level.

"On the surface most of the arguments are not economic," Strange said.

Lyons-Decatur Northeast is a technology-rich district, with a 1-to-1 computing program, using Mac Books, for students in grades 7-12, an Angel Learning Management System installation, a distance learning room, Vernier products in the science classes and a Google Apps for Education deployment.

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The 2018-2019 WCS Writing Celebration honored student authors from each building and grade level.

One student from each school was selected to have their writing piece showcased, and turned into a digital story.

Imbrunone, is one of six high schools in Michigan selected to perform at the 40th Annual Detroit Jazz Festival Labor Day weekend. The team of students won seven medals and received the Rising Star trophy in the K-5 division for the highest overall finishing position as compared to last year's tournament. WCS students were honored at the Festival of the Arts awards ceremony on May 6 at the Sterling Heights Senior Center.

The Jazz Band will perform at 12 pm, Saturday, August 31 on the Absopure Waterfront Stage. Students in TK through 12th grade were recognized for their two and three dimensional artwork.

You can watch OCTV on Channel 1301 on the Spectrum Cable System or by following directions provided on Channel 99 on the AT&T U-Verse System. Visitors to the website have the ability to view the live signal that is being broadcast on OCTV or select from any of the items in the video library for “on-demand” viewing.

Check the website frequently as new video content is being added every week.

The telephone numbers and email addresses for staff located in the new District Office building remain unchanged.

The new mailing address for the District Office is: 102 Founders Court, Orangeburg, SC 29118.

Margaret Black Elementary School recently hosted a multicultural fair.

Students had the opportunity to observe cultural presentations, sample various cultural cuisine, enjoy entertainment, plus much more.

In a 2010 article in The School Administrator , William Duncombe and John Yinger wrote that "consolidating districts may level up salaries and benefits to those of the most generous participating district, thereby raising personnel costs." Depew noted factors such as "increased transportation costs, promised savings in administration often don't materialize, and then you often times have increased facilities costs as well if you build a new facility as part of a consolidated district." Gary Loftis, a technology coordinator and physics and chemistry teacher at Lyons-Decatur Northeast (LDNE) said he has similar concerns about not only a possible new building in his district, but what may happen with the educational technology students there use if the district is consolidated.


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