Consolidating data using datamarts

The goal of BI is to use technology to transform data into actionable insights and help end users make more informed business decisions, whether tactical or strategic in nature.This article clearly defines both of these important terms before elaborating on their respective use cases and architectural features.

Its innovative approach to supporting both semi-structured and structured data in a single system makes it ideal for combining data into one location.

With Snowflake’s zero-management solution, you can focus on using data to drive insights instead of the overhead of maintaining a legacy data warehouse.

ETL extracts data from several sources, transforms the data to meet business needs using certain business rules, and finally loads (writes) data into a target system.

When starting with a Data Warehouse, you’ll typically use ETL to get data directly from source systems to the Data Warehouse, and then from the Data Warehouse to Data Marts as needed.

For a small to medium-sized marketing business, it makes sense to start with a Data Mart.

If that business expands to include multiple sub-divisions and lines of business, it can combine its Data Marts for each business line into a Data Warehouse later on, as per the Kimball approach.Many shops experience database spread -- the existence of far too many databases, often with redundant data, and often for very discrete needs.In these shops, databases are often built relatively quickly to expedite projects and applications.a Data Warehouse, not least the industry you operate in.For example, an insurance company clearly needs a high-level overview from the outset, incorporating all factors that affect its business model and strategic choices, including demographics, stock market trends, claim histories, statistical probabilities, etc., so taking the Inmon approach and starting with a Data Warehouse makes most sense here.Traditional data warehouse solutions were not designed to handle the rapid growth in data and varying data types.


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