Colombian women dating customs

“A good way to meet people, because of the dancing culture here, is just to pick a partner and ask her to dance with you.” Even if you don’t have time to squeeze in salsa classes, it is still worth the effort to at least try and get your rusty hips and leaden feet moving, according to James.“Your foreigner inability can be charming to the right person,” he added.

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“Eventually I just stopped and enjoyed getting free wine and nice meals.” With financial matters settled, there only remains the delicate subject of how quickly to proceed with your new-found love interest.

For ladies in a hurry, there should be no problems convincing the average Latin man that time is short.

“For Colombian women it is more about feeling good about yourself based on how well you fulfill these stereotypes of being a nice girl,” she said.

“Foreign women aren’t nice girls, they are loud and demanding.” While an invitation to dance offers the perfect ‘in’ with the average Latino, for those with a fear of rhythm there are still alternatives to pounding cheek-to-cheek musical passion/sweaty palm grasping and awkward stumbling.

“With girls here, if they’re really interested – it’s obvious,” said James.

However, once you note that interest, it’s crucial to act on it without delay or you risk losing out, he added. That doesn’t mean be aggressive or pushy, say sleazy things to them or invite them straight back to your room but if you’re interested the best thing is just go straight over and say ‘can I buy you a drink?Georgina Blair is a young American professional living in Medellin, Colombia, and she first met her Colombian boyfriend a year ago when she broke with convention and asked him to dance.Dating Etiquette According to Georgina, foreign women are given more leeway to break with traditional gender roles and dating etiquette as they are viewed differently by Latin men.Is that hand on your knee a flirtatious come-on, or a culturally distinct approach to personal space?Is splitting the bill a nod to equal gender relations, an unforgivable challenge to your date’s masculinity, or the sign of an incorrigible tight-wad?Love, whether a life-long partnership or a night-long fling, is never easy.


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