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So what we find is women lose a lot of precious time in their 30s trying to see if a relationship works out." This is where rotational dating comes in.It means not settling down and wasting time with a partner until you're sure they're right for you."But it's very far from that, so that's just incomplete information." We tend to equate dating to sleeping with someone, which isn't what Wunder recommends.

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"It's not perfect, but we are getting there."Two of Keenum's biggest plays Sunday were called back because of penalties by left tackle Greg Robinson.

One was a 27-yard scramble midway through the third quarter that brought the ball to the Cardinals' 8-yard line but was negated due to Robinson's hold.

In pictures: This week’s celebrity fashion hits and misses [Photos]"I rotational dated until I got the ring on my finger, because that was the commitment I was looking for," Wunder said.

"It doesn't have to be the same for every woman - you can decide to get exclusive and sleep with a man when you feel like this is the right man for you." Wunder doesn't have any rules about what commitment looks like. It's whatever feels good and safe, and gives them the level of assurance they need to let their guard down.

So you really play the field, you try the different options on the menu, you start to see what works for you, and what kind of man works for you, because sometimes we simply lack experience." Instead of committing to the first person who shows interest, Wunder tells her clients to go on "connection dates," where they go for coffee, the cinema, or a walk in the park.

This is how you really start to get to know someone, she said, instead of falling into bed with someone and letting them hurt you.

And he called his team "fighters," because they have recovered admirably from a demoralizing season-opening loss to beat the Seattle Seahawks at home and then win back-to-back games on the road.

They've done it all under Keenum."He expects to win," Fisher said.

His past three games, he has gone a combined 50-of-86 for 695 yards, four touchdowns and one interception.

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