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When a man decides to go after a woman who is rebuffing his advances, it may be more nuanced than the fact they like her unavailability.

For example, they may have lusted after the same person for years regardless of their interest, or they may enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Based on the classic Sinn 356 instrument chronograph, the Sinn 358 series offers a 42 mm diameter case and features a combination of clarity, functionalism and elegance.

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But if scientific research is anything to go by, it’s nonsense.

In the 1970s, a series of studies led by American psychologist Elaine Hatfield looked into whether playing hard to get really works.

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It has a luminous triangle as key mark at the 12 o'clock position.

The instrument watch has a polished stainless steel case and a crystal made of sapphire crystal which is also used for the transparent back.

“Does it perhaps make you more desirable in the short term?

Sure – to some people, both the people who only appreciate the thrill of the chase and the people who are a bit insecure already, so being aloof feeds on that insecurity,” she said.

“But, if you’re looking for a long-term committed relationship, then you want to be with the person who appreciates your ability to communicate your feelings, not withhold them.” Playing hard to get could also mean you attract people who have an avoidant attachment style.

These are people who act very self-sufficient, and only enjoy closeness on their own terms.

The dial is clearly structured, with its three hands providing optimum readability of the time, date and day of the week down to the second.


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