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He’s always immersed himself in music growing up, and at some point he probably realized that he had the natural gift for it.But like many average boys, he wanted to play sports more than anything.If you were a fan from the beginning, you’d probably know this already.

His full name is Charles Elliott Wicks to be exact, and he was born on June 20, 1979. There probably aren’t many things that Smyrna is known for, but it’s now known to be Chuck Wicks’ hometown.

In fact, he grew up in a potato farm owned by his family, which probably contributed to the amount of practice time he had with his music.

But Chuck knew precisely what he wanted to live his life doing, and he couldn’t have that kind of life if he were to stay in Florida.

Nashville was the place to be for country music, and that’s where he ended up.

Nashville was a reality TV show that aired on Fox in 2007.

Among those that were cast to be on the show was none other than Chuck Wicks.

Now don’t confuse this with the highly successful TV series of the same name that featured Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton.

No, Chuck’s Nashville followed the lives of country artists as they tried to make it on the big stage.

In fact, Florida Southern has won 30 national titles in the NCAA Division II competitions, 9 of which are with baseball.

Chuck Wicks went to Florida Southern College to play baseball, but unfortunately that didn’t last for very long.

It was in college that Chuck began entertaining his desire to play music.


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