Christian dating long before marriage

For this reason it is important to consider how your future spouse behaves in public and how the two of you behave together. They can put an immense weight on a young marriage.

How about the type and level of your commitment to the local church? Does your future spouse have close friendships or have many of his or her former friends become isolated?

Do not assume that you both have the same or even similar life goals. While much of married life will be lived in relative isolation, much will also be lived in community. It is rare that a couple enters marriage without a romantic and sexual history (with one another or with others) and these issues can be very difficult to discuss resolve.

The fact is, in some ways both partners will change and in some ways they probably will not.

Are you prepared to stick it out for the long-haul with your future spouse as he or she is now? A little pre-marriage counseling and planning can go a long way.

Are you willing to endure all kinds of trials with that person by your side? Before you marry, ensure your pastor or a godly older couple has spent some time with you, whether formally or informally.

Talk through these issues and any others that come to mind. Sometimes it’s that they are feeling guilt for sexual involvement.No matter the case, couples must be clear on why they want to marry one another.Do you and your future spouse have similar goals for the future?Are you both committed to foreign missions, for example, or just one of you? Do you know how many children you each want to have and when you’d like to begin having them?These will be issues of leadership and submission as well as issues of parenting, working, temper, and much else.

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