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EHarmony, which began as a site primarily for Christian singles, is now one of the most-recognized online dating brands in the -billion-a-year U. But it holds only a 13.6% share of the market, according to a September report by research firm IBISWorld.Market leader Inter Active Corp, which owns numerous dating sites including Match and Ok Cupid, holds a 23.7% share.But our sense was, we could do a lot more than that.” Analysts said it’s a logical next step for a company that has amassed a virtual treasure trove of data over the years.

“We built a brand that was way too big for one revenue stream,” Warren said.

“I think we could have had a very good business forever matching people for marriage.

Now, just 15% of EHarmony’s staff has been with the company at least five years.

But Warren’s biggest move might be his goal of expanding EHarmony’s brand to include more than just online matchmaking.

“We’d gotten a bit lost,” Warren said recently at the company’s Santa Monica headquarters, decorated with hundreds of photos of couples who met on the website.

“Things were going backward, and we weren’t doing nearly as well as we were doing before.” In the last three years, he said, new memberships, retention rates and time spent on the site were all down. executive Jeremy Verba, left after just a year because of strategic differences with the board of directors, of which Warren has always been chairman.

“I wasn’t sure there was a right person besides me,” he said.

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He wants to make EHarmony a broad “relationship site” that includes services to help users make new friends, find the right job, become better parents, cope with aging and solve interpersonal problems, among others.

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