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⦁ 20% of baby boomers are more likely to expect an instant response than millennial ⦁ 23% of baby boomers are more likely to expect answers to simple questions than millennial But according to Gartner’s prediction, by next year (2020) the average human will have more conversations with chatbots than with their spouse Here is an example of a conversation with a chatbot that has been specifically designed to answer queries on the weather: : It is 27 °C and cloudy. In the corporate world, chatbots are now becoming a part of the recruitment process.Recruitment chatbot- also called a recruitment bot, or a conversational agent is a specially designed software application that mimics human conversational abilities during the recruiting process.

This is a dangerous situation given that a candidate’s first experience with a company will help them decide if they want to work with a company or not.

When they do not get the attention they deserve, most candidates (even those who are best qualified for a job) lose interest in the company.

Talview’s Talent Assistant Chatbot is capable of conducting preliminary candidate screening, generating and accessing reports.

Human recruiters can focus on the strategic aspects of acquiring and managing the right candidates while the chatbot sets up meetings and calls with potential candidates.

There is too much room for errors during the recruitment process – key skills can be missed, and therefore, potential candidates may be accidentally skipped, or red flags may be accidentally ignored during the initial recruitment process only to be discovered during the final stage of the recruitment process – another waste of time for recruiters and candidates.

A recruitment bot will eradicate any chance of mistakes when choosing the best candidates for a job.

The end result is this: Recruiters choose to complete their everyday jobs properly, and give less importance to candidates and their queries.

In fact, Workopolis found that 43% of candidates never hear back from a company after one touch-point.

This process is time-consuming for recruiters and is also a period lost in waiting for candidates who will eventually be rejected.

A recruitment bot can provide candidates with additional information about the position instantly, helping candidates decide if they are fit for the role.

⦁ 30% of adults worry about the chatbot making a mistake ⦁ 27% of adults worry about accessing it only through a specific medium (e.g., Facebook) ⦁ 24% of adults worry it won’t chat in a friendly manner When it comes to generational opinions regarding the use of chatbots, the survey has some surprisingly interesting results.

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