Chat with sexbots

After all, the makers claim this man will never, ever tire.

So he can be up doing the housework straight after sex. Let’s face it, previous male bots have looked like teenage boys and have had major failings in the trouser department. Plus you can customise his look to cater to your tastes.

The sexual habits you create on your own can bleed over into the bedroom with someone else, as well have a significant impact on performance.

It's unclear the effects frequent use of a sexbot might have, but porn and frequent masturbation have both been shown to raise risks for infidelity and divorce.

In an age of #Me Too and Time’s Up, I can certainly see the attraction – at least you can be sure that Mr Sexbot won’t harass you.

Plus, like Prof Griffin says, men will be forced to up their game.

They also have ‘interchangeable heads with a 7-inch oral capacity’. As yet, these dolls are purely sex machines – just rather attractive-looking vibrators.

But who knows where this Franken-tech could lead us?

It won't be long before we have sexbots which feel, look and act like the real thing. Inherent in the discussion is the issue of ethics, and the impact sexbot relations will have on human interaction.

Manufacturers realize they have obligations to not harm anyone physically in a way which prevents them from having sex with another real person later on, but what about emotional impact?

Now, I’m not suggesting you cobble together your man from dead parts, like Dr Frankenstein’s original invention. But will they be able to hold fascinating conversation?

Well, it will probably be a lot better than that Essex lad’s banter last Saturday. She even reckons she would get one for her daughter, ‘preferably one who can do the dishes and guard the door’.

Maybe there’s a case for not living with an actual partner and instead have a sexbot to cater for your needs? But male tech gurus are, on the whole, unconvinced.

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