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Creator David Milch has brought back most of the surviving cast, led by Timothy Olyphant and Ian Mc Shane, for a story that will hopefully provide a more fitting end for all the hoopleheads and cocksuckers we’ve waited so long to see return to the thoroughfare.

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That’s because the Big Four have mostly retrenched from trying anything bold or stylish, particularly on the drama side, in favor of police procedurals, Chicago shows and whatever else they believe won’t scare away what’s left of their dwindling audience share.

Occasionally, though, the networks still try to have fun, and we’re hopeful this spy series starring Scott Foley and Pamela Adlon’s heavily autobiographical series was one of TV’s very best and most emotionally rich shows in both of its first two seasons. If there was any question who was the driving creative force on the series, the new episodes should handily put it to rest.

If Netflix’s stellar, growing stable of filthy-yet-sweet comedies about lustful adolescents ( Two of the best actors working today, Don Cheadle and Regina Hall, are dropped into mid-Eighties Wall Street for this dark comedy about the events leading up to the stock market crash of October 1987.

Cheadle and Hall chew up the trailer scenery as fast-talking traders, while Andrew Rannells tags along as a wide-eyed but ambitious newbie. aims to go out on top in its fifth season, with Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as the BFFs who carry each other through the haze of their twenties, from the highs (pegging, going to Whole Foods on drugs) to the lows (most everything else).

But count on Louis-Dreyfus and her crew to rise to the occasion.

Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement’s mockumentary about inept vampire roommates was one of 2014’s funniest and most surprising films.

She plays a video game designer who keeps dying after her 36th birthday party, then resurrecting in the same spot earlier in the same evening.

It’s been a while since Lyonne had a great showcase of her own; looks like she just went out and wrote herself one.

It shines a light on his music vocation (he just DJed a royal wedding and spoke out about his craving to do a collabo with his Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer return for a second season as, respectively, a messy but clever spy and a childlike but ruthless assassin, who compete to see who’s more obsessed with the other. Martin’s sprawling story (while Martin himself still struggles to finish the penultimate book in the series, let alone start writing his own version of the ending). Will Jon Snow and Daenerys ever figure out they’re kissing cousins (and will they care if they do)?

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