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Until very recently, it wasn’t that socialism was toxic in a red-scare way. But then came Bernie Sanders’s 2016 candidacy, then the membership boom of DSA, then the proliferation of socialist cultural products like Chapo, and then, finally, the spectacular rise of Ocasio-Cortez.The politics of the socialism that they helped revive isn’t always clear.Online, there wasn’t a good way to filter for someone’s politics.

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If the existing, compromised political Establishment was crumbling, why not build something more daring to replace it?

host Will Menaker laid out the tactical id of young socialism.

Still, among New York’s creative underclass — cash poor but culturally potent — it feels like everything but socialism is now irrelevant.

“I’ve noticed that there’s a kind of baseline assumption in the room that everyone is a socialist,” says Brostoff.

The grassroots opposition, which included DSA, had the backing of some new Democratic muscle in Albany and, crucially, the vocal support of socialist superhero Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose district abuts the proposed building site.

Ocasio-Cortez was offended not only by the tax break that greased the deal but by the company’s corporate makeup: monopolistic, anti-union, run by literally the richest man in the world.

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” Some answers ring out — guillotine, public housing — but the invocation of Amazon is all it takes to get the party going.

A day earlier, Amazon had stunned the city by scrapping plans to build a new headquarters in Queens.

The hosts of the leftist podcast are not here, but Eli Valley, the gonzo artist who illustrated their book, is, as is Dave Klion, a ubiquitous Twitter pundit recently seen feuding with CNN’s Jake Tapper.


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