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By interviewing twenty couples, “Bollywood Weddings" addresses the various methods of meeting a potential future spouse including using family & friends, personal ads, and internet dating services as well as family tensions that arise with inter-marriage (Hindus marrying Christians, Jews, Muslims, African Americans and Atheists).

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Full of surprises, not least the fact that the matchmaker here is the Bollywood film, which has just enough of both America and India in it to keep everyone at these weddings dancing.

Type of Event: Seminar Kavita Ramdya’s debut book, Bollywood Weddings; Dating, Engagement and Marriage in Hindu America (Lexington Books; November 28, 2009), is this year’s answer to the age-old questions, “Why do we fall in love with the people we fall in love with?

Many of these couples are occasional Hindus, displaying their Hindu religious background only on important occasions.

Instead of choosing either India or America, or arriving at a compromise between the two, this community embraces both cultures simultaneously.

She provides readers with a window into these Indian-American couples who are navigating identities through a major rite of passage in their lives-marriage.

She affirms that this community flaunts all things Indian as a way to assert their American identity.

Bollywood Weddings examines how second-generation Indian-American Hindus of the middle and upper classes negotiate courtship and wedding rituals.

Kavita Ramdya integrates the stories of twenty couples, showing the ways and means by which a subcommunity falls in love and expresses their identity.

Further, the Muslim intended spouse couldn’t be a part of the Hindu ceremony because that Hindu ceremony involves (as per views of some Muslims) idol worshipping.


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