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Valartis Group focuses on the comprehensive care for niche funds (investment satellites).Investing activities focus on the Russian and German markets.For these services, it is compensated with customary fees.

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Having the right numbers allows you to manage costs, improve efficiency and grow.

More than 400,000 businesses and accountants are already using our innovative cloud-based software to manage their numbers. Exact is the business software market leader in the Benelux.

Since 1996, the company has been investing in private equity, listed equities, real estate and fixed income instruments of Russian companies and companies of other states of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic States.

In October 2014, ENR acquired the Petrovsky Fort office centre in St. Petrovsky Fort is a class B office and retail property, completed in 2003 and located in the centre of St. It has nine office and two retail levels with a large central atrium.

For the procedure for the selection of own participation objects, elements of the traditional portfolio management process such as portfolio realisation (asset allocation , monitoring, revision) and portfolio control (performance measurement, attribution) are used.

The disciplined implementation of these steps contributes to achieving the goal of a rigorous profitability orientation with an appropriate risk-return ratio.Following the completed sale to Banque Cramer & Cie SA of the two Swiss subsidiaries Valartis Bank AG and Valartis Wealth Management SA, Valartis Group AG acquired a 25-percent stake in Norinvest Holding SA in 2014.Whitebox Services AG, by means of its 100 per cent group company Whitebox Gmb H – founded in July 2014, on the market since January 2016 – not only wants to set new standards in investing, but make it accessible to everyone.Of the total net lettable area, approximately 15,000 square meters are for office space and approximately 6,000 square meters for retail space.There is also an underground car park with 119 parking spaces and an above-ground parking for 36 vehicles.Independence from larger institutions allows our clients to discuss their ideas and strategies with our specialists on a level of confidentiality that other companies cannot provide.


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