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@EOnline UK #thebilife #bivisbilityday A post shared by Courtney Act (@courtneyact) on For 30 years GCN has been a vital, free-of-charge information service for Ireland’s LGBT community.

However, about her portrayal as a black woman on reality TV. Apart from me.” She went on to conclude that “that’s why I don’t watch #Love Island and I feel anxious whenever I see a black woman (not mixed race, not racially ambiguous – BLACK ON BOTH SIDES) in these shows.

“I remember there was a scene where we all got to phone home,” Wokoma explained. The producers generally don’t think we’re interesting and have no desire to humanise us.” She also went to explain how producers included a clip of her having a go at a fellow contestant who’d “barked” at her, but decided not broadcast a scene where he’d been telling racist jokes.

I remember seeking advice from my mother (who sometimes acts like my momager) and she immediately said: “Why would you risk producers potentially framing you to live up to negative stereotypes about black women?

Why would you put yourself in a position where tabloid newspapers like the Up until this point I never saw it this way.

Maybe I’ve been looking in all the wrong places but I thought at least this show could broaden my bisexual dating experience. I accepted this from the beginning and throughout the whole casting process, I planned to just enter the show with my happy, loving, authentic self.

After all, as a news personality and broadcaster it’s my job to be brave and know that people will always judge me and criticise me anyway.

However, what made me pull out of the process was bigger than me and my confidence as an individual person.

It was about how black people, particularly black women, are represented on reality TV as a whole.

Unfortunately, TV dating shows still don't tend to explicitly explore bisexuality, despite programmes such as Channel 4's First Dates and Naked Attraction including LGBT contestants. recently announced the planned release of bisexual dating show The Bi Life - for bisexual, pansexual, fluid and questioning individuals. The show will be presented by drag queen Courtney Act (Shane Jenek), who has also featured on Ru Paul's Drag Race, Celebrity Big Brother and Australian Idol.


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