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The vehicle was unloaded by a car hauler at about 7 p.m. Billy Fuccillo, who owns the bestselling Kia dealer in the world, announced Mc Kinzie Roth as the ' Next Caroline' for his "Huge! The SUV raised suspicion when it was delivered to the Fuccillo Toyota. Fan arrested at Maroon 5 concert after storming the stage and trying to dance.Thursday at the Fuccillo Toyota dealership on Alvin Road.. Pete Davidson was PROUD when Ariana Grande was 'ogled' by Bill ..

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Fuccillo flew into Southwest Florida early last week to record scores of broadcast spots that will begin airing this week for his Kia dealership in Cape Coral. I just did all my commercials for October," Fuccillo said via telephone Thursday from Syracuse, N. "I spend most of my time in New York doing what I've got to do." Fuccillo said the amount of seasonal business he had from May to September at his more than 25 car dealerships in New York kept him there, while the manager of his local dealership joined perennial sidekick Caroline Renfro to deliver Fuccillo's "Huge" tag line in commercials aired here in the last few months. "A number of people called the dealership asking if I was OK." Last year, when Caroline was away on vacation and another spokeswoman temporarily joined Fuccillo, many Southwest Florida residents also wondered what happened to her.?

"I must have had a million people come up to me and say, 'Billy, are you OK? KNOW MORE NOW: When will Oil Well Road be widened in northern Golden Gate Estates?

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The man who picked up the vehicle, Edgar Joel Jimenez-Rodriguez, 38, is now facing federal drug charges. Astorga did not say where the car hauler first started its trip.

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