Backgroundworker progresschanged not updating

The form stays responsive the whole time, and doesn’t lock up while the files are being downloaded – something which would happen if we didn’t create our own thread. We need to create a form with a textbox, a button, a progress bar and a label.This isn’t essential to the Background Worker, but it will help create our example program. If we put this URL into this program, we should be able to download this image 10 times over onto our desktop. You may also want to try downloading some larger images that take longer to download. The interface is updated with each successful download.So let's get going and make a simple application showing you the usage of the Background Worker.

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as returndata, passing parameters to the Background Worker, keeping track of progress and cancel the background process while it's running.

Finally I'll show a way of collecting the results from the Background Worker on the fly instead of waiting for all the calculations to be done.

So let's do it the decent way and use Background Worker!

The Background Worker may sound quite intimidating, but actually it's very easy and intuitive to do use once you've done the first time.

The Background Worker simplifies a lot of the work you would otherwise need to do yourself, but it can still be difficult to set it up.

This example downloads an image from the Internet and saves it to the user’s desktop.

(If one subtask depends on the output of another, it is going to be difficult to multithread.) All in all, multithreading is a big topic, with many approaches possible, and there are many ways you can unfortunately get it wrong.

It’s not something you are going to master in a day.

Let's say that instead of calculating all data, and then passing it on like we did, you want to add data on the go.

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