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[class starts laughing uproariously] Sam: Yeah, like you got a lot of room to call other people socially deprived weirdos. Howard: Do you want to get kicked out of this class?! [Everyone is silent for a few seconds] So, moving on....

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Rex Powers is one of the eight main characters of Victorious.

He is Robbie's best friend and ventriloquist dummy. He does not like to be called a "dummy" or "puppet", possibly because he isn't one.

With Kenan Thompson's help, they reveal Steven to be a cheater and a liar live on i Carly. Sam: Sure, 'cause you haven't had a date since Seinfield got cancelled.

Rex challenges the party guests to rap battles after Robbie wrecks the karaoke machine and defeats everyone, but is eventually beaten by Sam. Carly: Which is why I'm gonna make you your favorite kind of sandwich.

The episode drew 7.316 million viewers, making it the highest rated television program for the week.

It also took the #1 spot, ranking as the number-one entertainment telecast of 2011 across all TV with kids 6-11, and tweens 9-14.

After Carly sees Steven giving Tori the exact same charm bracelet he gave her and also kissing, she discusses her course of action with Sam and Freddie when Tori comes in. Freddie: [hushed tone] I don't [motioning quotation marks] "hate her"! Benson, not that we don't all want you to leave, but why are you here? Freddie: [turns to her] Like your family is not full of freaks and mutants. Sam: How come you've never heard about the 100-day kiss thing?

After telling her about Steven dating both of them, they team up to take revenge on him. Marissa: Well, I don't see how a boy can make a girl that happy.

In Sleepover at Sikowitz's, Tori kisses Rex when he hits on her.


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