Audrina dating mark salling

“I can’t say I was totally shocked, but still — WTF?

Then I had no doubt that God really did have my back along the way.

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“For a while, there was drama on set, because we hated each other and I didn’t even want him looking at me,” she admitted.

“Any time a new person was added to the show, it was like fresh meat being dropped into a piranha tank.” After her split from Salling, she rebounded with co-star Chord Overstreet briefly, after which she promptly got over Salling and learned her lessons.

when he was young he had keen interest in sports and he was also member of school wrestling team.

After he graduated he attended Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music in California where he learned to play guitar and gave guitar lesson to others to earn some money.

She called her best friend, Madison, and the pair trashed his car with dog food, Coca-Cola, eggs and birdseed …

but they didn’t split for good until Salling dumped her a while later.

Smoke Signals was his first solo debut album he released in 2008.

Talking about his acting career he has starred in Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering, The Graveyard etc.

Looking at his previous relationship love life has not been easy for him after he was charged with sexual battery by one of his girlfriends. Mark Salling is a multitalented personality and he may have drawn a decent sum from his multiple profession. He was also accused of child pornography for which he paid ,000 each to the involved parties.


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  4. An eyewitness saw the pair canoodling and later, confirmed to E!

  5. The couple soon moved in together and co-petted Kabuki, Pip, and Mogwai, their cats.

  6. Admittedly, I’m more of a B&B than a mega-resort kind of girl, but I genuinely enjoyed the getaway the property afforded.

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