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The problem is that I can't seem to access the values of the controls on the editing row. Item Updating Dim Drop Down Listddl As Drop Down List = List View. The following snipped uses two way binding to populate the name and student fields and it will also update them for you.

the Edit Template contains a few checkboxes, a dropdown and textbox. If you are not using a datasource that supports this you can do one other thing.

This control is never rendered to the browser and gets replaced with the contents of the Item Template.

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We can also handle these edit, update, delete and insert events in Item Command of List View control.

Since, List View is capable of displaying the data in user defined formats these features will be very useful to do these operations in those layouts itself. If you have anything like that on a site you control I'd fix it ASAP before you get hacked. I 've just made my own listview, everyting seems to work. New Edit Index;" in the lv Mine_itemediting method.

NET 3.5, Microsoft introduced two new databound controls: the List View and Data Pager control which you can use to display and paginate your data in extremely flexible way.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can use List View control to display data from the database.

Drag a Sql Data Source control from the data tab of Visual Studio 2008.

Configure it with the Database Server; I have used a database in App_Data folder.You can use it to display, edit, delete, select, sort and page your data just like Grid View.However unlike Grid View control it is totally template driven which means developers need to use its different templates to control the rendered output markup just as they do in Repeater control.I need to access these values so I can update the record. I think I'm overlooking something crucial here, any help would be handy. Notice how the update button has a command called "Update".Protected Sub List View_Item Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. You can use this to fetch the control values you want by handling the list views Item Command Event.We have explored the basics and adding paging feature to List View control through my previous articles List View Control in ASP. Like my previous articles on List View control, we will add this feature in 2 scenarios.

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