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This went on for a few years, before the writers apparently decided it was a bad idea and had Clark wake up to discover that the whole marriage had been a dream!

Jimmy Olsen was not immune from his own offbeat wedding tales in this era.

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Again, this was an imaginary story (though, as writer Alan Moore would later note, "aren't they all?

"), and as such it took place outside of continuity.

In the season finale "House of Luthor," Lois actually walks down the aisle, but has second thoughts as she realizes her true feelings for Clark. This scene predates a very similar one in the movie "The Wedding Singer" by several years!

She decides she can't marry Lex, and moments later he is exposed as a criminal and commits suicide by jumping from his penthouse office. At the end of the second season, Clark finally gets up the guts to pop the question to Lois himself. In the third season premiere, she answers him by revealing that she knows he's Superman.

In one of the most famous of these stories, "The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue" in 1963, Superman is split into two different versions of himself, one wearing a red costume and the other a blue one.

In a triple wedding, Superman-Red marries Lois Lane, Superman-Blue marries Lana Lang, and Jimmy Olsen marries Lucy Lane!

The daily Superman newspaper strip married off Clark Kent and Lois Lane in 1949.

Interestingly, Lois still didn't know Clark was Superman, despite being married to him.

When the live-action "Superboy" TV series kicked off its second season in 1989, Sherman Howard stepped into the role of Lex Luthor, replacing actor Scott Wells.

In the season premiere, "With This Ring, I Thee Kill," Lex kidnaps Lana Lang and forces her to marry him.

Though they were now engaged in the comics, the TV version of Superman didn't have it quite so easy.


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