Anon chatroom sex

If your contacts are not synchronized with Antiland and you do not see a single contacts from your Adressbook in [People] section, close Antiland, open your device's Settings - Antiland, then make sure that all the options are turned on.

Then open Antiland again and you will be able to start anonymous chats with any of your personal contacts so that they will never be able to find out your real name, if you do not reveal yourself by your own will. On Android longpress on any chat in your chat list.

To use the 'Go' code, you would post it in any chat room. Exapmle: you would paste 'Go gr7Mc' and the chat 'Non-Sexual Chat' would appear in your chats list.

Anon chatroom sex-14

Anon chatroom sex

Prolong your Super Powers to recover both the Character and the Color.

It is recommended to prolong super powers within 24 hours after expiry.

The more you chat in Prison, the higher are your chances to recover half of your karma.

Be gentle, do not annoy other prisoners as they can also complain on your behavior and the system will prolong your sentence.

Users with lots of violations may stay in Prison for months.

If you continue violating or even creating new fake accounts for avoiding your ban, all your accounts and devices may be suspended and deleted from Antiland forever.

From there, you are given two (2) options; Hide or Exit/Delete.

If you Exit from a Group chat or Delete a private chat, you may lose it forever, so think twice. If you feel offended in a private chat, report the violators by replying them with the message below:/report First of all, your avatar is not just a simple avatar.

Just press all the buttons you see in Antiland app, or ask other users for help!

The more you experiment and the more users you ask, the more new amazing relationships you will find here.

Karma - is your social status in the anonymous world of Antiland.


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