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It’d also been a little bit offensive to see that not even in a single episode did they miss to insult Diego and his appearance just to make the audience laugh. This review did not intend to throw any negative accusation to the show nor produce any negative publicity on it.I was still watching Bubble Gang every Friday and was still a fan of it.I’d been a fan of GMA 7’s evening gag show Bubble Gang ever since I was a kid, but as time went by, I somehow noticed that their jokes in the show seemed to be less funny every time it airs.

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Isa lang ang sagot diyan kung gusto mo ito maabot ng mabilis, mag-artista ka. Hindi na lang pagiging doktor, titser, inhinyero o arkitekto ang gusto nilang maging kundi maging artista.

Kaya naman, nagsulputan ang iba’t ibang talent show at reality show sa mga naglalakihang networks tulad ng Pinoy Big Brother, The Voice, Starstruck, Pinoy Idol at iba pa na nagpapasikat talaga ng mga artista.

The Calaguas group of islands is under the administrative jurisdiction of Vinzons, Camarines Norte and is a 6 to 7 hours drive by private car or 8 to 9 hours by bus.

From the port, it is approximately 2 hours to Tinaga Island depending on the weather and direction of the wind. Marami pa sa mga pinuno nito ay nabihag ng mga karibal na Portuges na hawak ang kalapit na Moluccas o Spice Islands.

But, it couldn’t be denied that the show today already had too many competitors from other networks it couldn’t afford to disappoint its viewers in any way they might be.

I’ll tell it straight: by this time, I could say that the gags being presented by a particular show in ABS-CBN being starred by kids and a small man were now actually funnier that Bubble Gang’s.

Pero hindi sa lahat ng panahon ay sagot ito, pwede din itong maglaho.

Kaya lubusin na at magpakumbaba habang nasa iyo pa ang liwanag ng ‘spotlight’ mo.

Assimo, Yaya and Angelina, Boy Pickup with his assistant, Boy Backup, and Neneng B, and it had also been a great help for the show when they introduced the Moy Moy Palaboy duo (who, in that time, were really making a name in You Tube) and reviving the concept of Ang Bagong Ang Dating Doon (which, until now, was really making me wonder on what was the connection of the OST of Voltes V for them to make it as their opening song).

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