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That next weekend, I went to pick up the ring as well as went on a reconnaissance mission to scope out the potential proposal site.With the site selected, the photographer arranged (my sister, Ashley), the plan was set in stone and was to be executed on the 24th.This was to make sure that she were to dress cute to impress new people.

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We met on January 2nd, 2018 and immediately started falling for each other.

He officially asked me to be his girlfriend on January 21st, after meeting his family for the first time (on the way to drop me off back at my house).

So to get her there, I told Mc Kenzie that I thought it would be fun if we went for a hike before dinner at Willow River State Park (a place that we had talked about going to, but had never been).

The day of the proposal, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep calm all morning so I told her that I was busy at work.

When we made it to the falls, we were greeted by a few random couples that were already down there.

One of the couples were standing on the exact rock that I had picked out two weeks prior.

At the time, I thought it was bad timing to start dating someone when I was about to start my last semester (student teaching) at The University of Northwestern, St. Little did I know, God's timing was absolutely perfect and Andrew was such a great help and boyfriend during the chaos of student teaching, serving at Olive Garden, being a Youth Leader and much more. THE PROPOSAL (From Andrew's perspective) At the end of October 2018, I decided that I was going to propose to Mc Kenzie on November 24th.

At this point, nothing had been done and the task list was huge.

HOW WE MET (From Mc Kenzie's perspective) Andrew and I met on an online dating app called “Coffee Meets Bagel.” Although I was telling my roommates one week before I went on the app that I could “never” see myself on a dating site, I’m glad that I decided to try it out (even if it was to prove to myself that dating sites were not for me).

I had the app for just 3 days, while Andrew had it for 2 before seeing my profile and hitting the “love” button.

These are just but a number of reasons that I could find.


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