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Compared with other participants, those who spoke on the phone more frequently with their participating friend reported greater bonding during audio chat.

Use of textual affiliation cues like emoticons, typed laughter, and excessive letter capitalization during IM related to increased bonding experience during IM. The quality of online, offline, and mixed-mode friendships among users of a social networking site.

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Facebook use and academic performance among college students: A mixed-methods study with a multi-ethnic sample Computers in Human Behavior vol: 45, first page: 265, year: 2015

Cultural Change Over Time: Why Replicability Should Not Be the Gold Standard in Psychological Science Perspectives on Psychological Science vol: 12, issue: 5, first page: 762, year: 2017

Considerable research on computer-mediated communication has examined online communication between strangers, but little is known about the emotional experience of connectedness between friends in digital environments.

However, adolescents and emerging adults use digital communication primarily to communicate with existing friends rather than to make new connections.

People on pre-recorded video cannot engage contingently with a viewer in shared experiences, possibly leading to deficits in learning from video relative to learning from responsive face-to-face encounters.

One hundred and seventy-six toddlers (24 and 30 months old) were offered referential social cues disambiguating a novel word’s meaning in one of four conditions: responsive live (a speaker was present and engaged with children); unresponsive video (a speaker on video looked at the camera and smiled at scripted times); unresponsive live (although present, the speaker behaved as she did on the unresponsive video), and responsive video (a speaker on closed-circuit video engaged with children, as in video chat). doi: 10.1037/0012-1649.39.1.140 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Troseth, G. Antheunis, M.

Testing the interactivity principle: Effects of mediation, propinquity, and verbal and nonverbal modalities in interpersonal interaction. Duggan, M., & Brenner, J.

Depression symptoms and negative online disclosure among young adults in college: a mixed-methods approach Journal of Mental Health first page: 1, year: 2019


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