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I need to retrieve a customer with a particular id, and all its child tables. Better approach , I thinik, have mulitple sql Commnad Object for each update.

Nowadays Entity Framework is the most promoted database query technology from . For good reason though, because it allows developers without extensive knowledge about SQL to interrogate the database, create complex queries and generate classes with the help of a user-friendly interface. NET comes with a “cost”: it doesn’t have any user interface to help you design stuff. Of course there are third party tools that can generate the SQL queries for you or to create classes based on your database structure but comparing to Entity Framework, it doesn’t provide you all these features out of the box. You have the possibility to design everything from scratch.

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NET, how to create classes to map your data and how to use everything to display data into a Repeater or a Grid View.

For this tutorial we will need a simple database with only 2 tables: Articles and Article Categories.

The Data Reader object is an alternative to the Data Set and Data Adapter combination.

This object provides a connection oriented access to the data records in the database.

It does not have a continuous connection to the database. The Data Set contains Data Table objects and Data Relation objects.

The Data Relation objects represent the relationship between two tables.

NET 2 and I'm fine getting and updating data from one table, but I'm confused about updating multiple related tables. (I've tried using only one adapter, but can't get updates to work) - should I get the tables into one dataset or separate datasets?

I've got a parent table that has 2 child tables, say a customer table that has two child tables phone Numbers and deliveryaddresses. (I've got 2 books and 1 book and none of them describe this scenario - any suggestions for a good reference book? (I've tried using only one adapter, but can't get updates to work) No You cannot update multiple table with sql Command Builder.

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