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In high school, when I told my mother that I was thinking of suicide, she suggested that we kill ourselves together, which I didn’t fully recognize as the bizarre response it was until I told the story again and again over the following decades of my life. Yale is the third-oldest university in the country, after Harvard, which is the oldest, and the College of William & Mary, which was established in 1693.

I won a gold medal at the Physics Olympics, was a California Arts Scholar, and crossed the stage at graduation with a GPA that belied the hundreds of self-inflicted scars lurking beneath my nylon gown. Yale used to be called the Collegiate School, but was renamed for Elihu Yale after a succession of gifts from the English merchant and philanthropist, including books, exotic textiles, and a portrait of George I.

They never spoke the words “American dream,” but that was what their lives signified, and so in middle school I chose to take a a.m.

The moment I received my acceptance letter from Yale University was one of the happiest of my life.

I stood at the bottom of my driveway, where two tin mailboxes nestled against one another, and found a large envelope waiting inside.

Yale’s campus is still the most beautiful campus I know.

Many of my classes, including Introduction to the Human Brain, took place in Linsly-Chittenden 102.

Eventually we moved for the sake of a different school district, and while raising me and my baby brother in a largely white small town, my parents told me that school was all-important and that I should always do my best.

In elementary school, I assigned myself essays to write while on vacation.My then psychiatrist informed my mother and me that I had bipolar disorder.This diagnosis was the culmination of a month in which I demonstrated most of the classic signs of mania, including a hectic manner of speech and an uncharacteristic affair with a man eleven years my senior.I chose to go east for college because I wanted to get away from the chaos—the accusatory fights, the sobbing—that occurred inside our home too often to take note of. These generous donations, the sale of which helped to fund the construction of Yale College in New Haven, were vigorously encouraged by Puritan minister Cotton Mather, who also vigorously encouraged the Salem witch trials.I dated someone briefly at the end of my senior year of high school who broke up with me because I was undiagnosed and frightening. In troubled Salem, babbling and odd movements could signify witchcraft.Larger than a seminar room but smaller than a lecture hall, LC 102 is famous for an elaborate Tiffany window along one wall, titled .

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