7 simple rules for dating

Flames shot up in the background as the blowtorch ignited the spill on the ground.

7 simple rules for dating-5

The sprinklers turned on, water quickly filling the air as the alarm blared.

Frantic beeping and loud blasting covered the workshop in white foam. ”“Thankfully, the chemical compound burned itself out.

For all of Tony’s surprising and meticulous requirements to follow lab rules and regulations, Tony had no qualms about trying to get Bucky’s clothes off whenever he could.

Kissing Tony was like breathing; necessary and something that Bucky could no longer live without.

It was totally worth it.) A bit of a shorter chapter, but the last one will be much longer, and you'll get some lovely art to accompany it!

We've got one chapter left, and it's probably one of the fluffiest of the bunch.

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Tony met Bucky’s lips with a satisfied smirk, tightening his legs and slipping his arms higher around Bucky’s neck.

Eager hands roamed everywhere, and in a flash, they were half-dressed.

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