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HHS has indicated that federal programs are generally responsible for deciding whether to use the Continental United States poverty guidelines for the territories or follow some other procedure (as referenced in “Annual Update of the HHS Poverty Guidelines,” Federal Register, Vol. DEA recommends that the territories use the adjusted poverty guidelines provided in in Attachment 3 in determining LIHEAP income eligibility for FFY 2017.

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Program Eligibility Criteria LIHEAP grantees have the option to establish additional requirements for income-eligible households to be eligible for LIHEAP, such as responsibility for home energy costs, completion of an application by a certain deadline, an assets test, or age or health problems. DEA has developed an approach to adjust annually the HHS poverty guidelines for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s use in determining LIHEAP income eligibility (see Attachment 3).

Territorial Guidelines HHS does not issue poverty guidelines for federal programs in the territories. A similar adjustment cannot be made for the other territories at this time.

The poverty guidelines do not make a distinction between farm and non-farm families, or between aged and non-aged units.

(Only the Census Bureau poverty thresholds have separate figures for aged and non-aged one-person and two-person units.) Note that this notice does not provide definitions of such terms as “income” or “family,” because there is considerable variation in defining these terms among the different programs that use the guidelines.

These variations are traceable to the different laws and regulations that govern the various programs.

This means that questions such as “Is income counted before or after taxes? ”, and “Should a particular person be counted as a member of the family/household?

The guidelines in this 2017 notice reflect the 1.3 percent price increase between calendar years 20.

After this inflation adjustment, the guidelines are rounded and adjusted to standardize the differences between family sizes.

In rare circumstances, the rounding and standardizing adjustments in the formula result in small decreases in the poverty guidelines for some household sizes even when the inflation factor is not negative.


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