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And we’re confident that this album will be no different.We’ve learned so much from the songs she’s already released -- not to mention the caption she left on an Instagram post on Aug. And, regardless of your thoughts on the 27-year-old, she’s always had a way with words.

I believe that you are the holder or administrator/publisher of the copyright in these lyrics. I will be distributing the print book through a print-on-demand provider. I am distributing the book in English, [mention any other languages] in the world-wide market. [Describe current traffic levels.] I do/do not post third-party advertising on my website.

If not, I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide to help me locate the current rights holder or administrator/publisher. I would use the lyrics starting on _______ [date] with no known end date.

This information is general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an attorney authorized to practice in your jurisdiction.

Which is why for months (years, arguably), die-hard fans, gossip lovers and even the media have been anxious to get a true glimpse into Swift’s life over the past three years.

The cost of getting permission to use lyrics in self-published books is often affordable, typically between $10 and $50.

Now that won’t get you permission to use lyrics from written by Carole King and Gerald Goffin.

She is also an author and a California attorney with thirty years of experience representing businesses and entrepreneurs.

Her latest book is : Helen Sedwick is an attorney licensed to practice in California only.

And many songs have various co-writers and multiple music publishers, and you will need permission from all of them. A friend of mine is writing a novel in which the main character is obsessed with Frank Sinatra songs.

She asked me how to get permission to use a few lines from .

If you use someone’s property without permission, whether it’s a car, a bicycle, or the words to a popular tune, you are violating their property rights.

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